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MSI Financial Restructuring & Recovery (*MFRR) consists of a group of highly specialized senior bankers who advise/guide and represent Dutch and German Corporate Banks outside its borders.

If depressed financial results cause a significant increase in the credit risk, MFRR will become involved. Services rendered consist of: i) “Restructuring”, which focuses on restructuring and preserving the relationship with the client and ii) “Termination”, which cancels the credit relationship and ends the relationship with the client.

Taking information provided by the company and other sources, MFFR will use the warning signs and the underlying causes to analyze how much the credit risk has increased, and in what way, and what the likelihood is that the credit will need to be written off. A key question is how realistic the company’s prospects are. To answer that question, the company will need to present a restructuring plan.

To safeguard its operations, the company will generally need additional credit, combined with a deferment of its repayment obligations. In these situations, MFRR will advise the bank in question, to agree to continue or expand the credit (even temporarily) on strict terms. In this circumstance, employees of MFRR will be appointed as chief restructuring officer (CRO).

If the current situation and the outlook are so bleak, however, that insolvency becomes inevitable and restructuring no longer offers a way out, the company’s portfolio will be handed over to the Termination unit.

If a credit agreement is cancelled, MFRR will make arrangements about repaying the debt to the bank. This involves preparing exit scenarios, a timetable for taking out new credit elsewhere, private sales of assets on which the bank has established security, how the credit should be used (if applicable), the terms on which a bank will agree to relinquish its security rights and (in extreme cases) public sales of the security.

MFRR has an international network of highly specialized senior legal advisers and lawyers to assist Dutch and German banks locally. It can also mediate in alternative financing solutions.

*MFRR is a business unit which is part of the MSI Group of Companies (intra group transfer).

MSI Real Estate Development (MRED) has transferred its land position to a developer of the Merwedekanaalzone in Utrecht (NL).

The Merwedekanaalzone will change from a business park into a lively part of Utrecht in the coming years.

There will be a mix of (social) rental and owner-occupied homes for starters, families, the elderly and single people. In a healthy and sustainable environment with many green zones. There will also be shops, catering, employment, schools and healthcare for the new and current residents of the city.

Unique in Utrecht: living within walking distance of the ancient city center, in the middle of the green Merwede Canal Zone. Surrounded by nature, water and excellent exit roads. The new residential area stands for the perfect balance between 'peace and bustle'. A place to completely relax, in the modern houses, the inner gardens and the green park, but also to celebrate life and go on urban adventures.

The Kingfish Company is a pioneer and leader in sustainable land-based aquaculture. Production is based on advanced recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), which protect biodiversity and ensure bio security. Animal welfare is paramount, and the fish is grown without use of antibiotics and vaccines. Operations run on 100 percent renewable energy, sourced from wind, solar and biogas. The company’s facilities operate on sea water, avoiding wasting of precious fresh water.

The Kingfish Company’s main product at present, the Yellowtail Kingfish (also known as Ricciola/Hiramasa/Greater Amberjack) is a highly versatile premium fish species, well known in the Italian and Asian fusion cuisines.

Its products are certified and approved as sustainable and environmentally friendly by Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) and British Retail Consortium (BRC). It was the winner of the 2019 Seafood Excellence Award, and it is recommended as green choice by Good Fish Foundation.

During 2020, the company converted from a ‘Besloten Vennootschap’ (BV) into a ‘Naamloze Vennootschap’ (N.V.) and changed its legal name to The Kingfish Company N.V. (previously: Kingfish Zeeland B.V.). Per November 2020 the company is listed on Euronext Growth in Oslo (Norway), share code: KING.

The Kingfish Company N.V. is the group holding company and owns 100% of the issued share capital of Kingfish Zeeland B.V., Yellowtail Hatchery USA Inc and Kingfish Maine Inc.

MSI has changed its position from venture capital to a listed company!

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