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About MSI

"At MSI Opportunity Partners we believe that business growth is a conviction. Opportunities exist always and everywhere. We have made it our mission to help you find, seize and benefit from them"
Evert Bleijenberg MBA
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Executive Consultant Caribbean
Executive Consultant Netherlands
Managing Director

International business strategy specialist and financing consultant

+599 701 8718

  • Evert Bleijenberg MBA

Experienced financing specialist and business concepts developer

+31 6 2501 7146

  • Guy Gimbrere

International serial entrepreneur and merger & acquisition specialist

+599 784 2349

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MSI Opportunity Partners is a private investment company that originated from a well-known Dutch family office, who managed to grow a single small store into a large franchise chain with multiple branches. In February 2014, the intellectual property rights of this concept and the related real estate portfolio were sold to a Swiss investment fund. Currently the company holds a small interest in this retail business. It further holds a number of direct interests in private enterprises, investments in listed companies and participations in private equity funds.

Nothing is impossible,

unless your state of mind

makes it so

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